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Up, Up and Away

Frequent flyer programmes have been helping to wing us around the globe for more than 30 years. Now, airlines are switching their programmes from ‘miles travelled’ to ‘money spent’ in droves. All About Loyalty looks at three of the biggest…
6th May 2019
Custom PublishingFMCGLoyalty

Loyalty in a Fast Moving World

The FMCG sector has always been associated with a take no prisoners approach to winning and retaining customers. However, the usual discount and multiple purchase offers have proved counterproductive, eating into their bottom line and resulting in high customer churn.…
6th April 2019

Millennials and Loyalty

There has been much talk about the impact that Millennials “consumers reaching young adulthood around the year 2000” will have on brands’ Loyalty Programmes. We have compiled some interesting thoughts for you to consider when dealing with Millennials and Loyalty,…
5th November 2018
Financial ServicesLoyalty

Loyalty in a Financial Firestorm

As customers’ expectations rise, financial institutions that want to get ahead of the game are developing sophisticated cross-channel customer loyalty programmes that leverage web, custom content and reward strategies to engage with existing customers, build brand awareness and generate new…
6th September 2015

Top Marques

The luxury car market is on the rise again with premium brands such as Porsche, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi and Volkswagen seeing record sales worldwide. Interestingly a majority of the global high-end brands see China as their most important growth…
5th September 2015