Customer Engagement is an ongoing dialogue with your customers – delivered in the way that they want it.  The purpose of customer engagement is to build genuine and lasting relationships with customers by creating relevant dialogues with them via original content, social media, web-based interaction and sponsorship activation.


We provide Customer Engagement Strategies that span your entire business and integrate all of your various customer communications, to drive better engagement between your customers and your brand.  Once the dialogue is in place, we help you to actively measure the impact that your engagement efforts are having on your customers and your business.

Customer Engagement Audit

We start by identifying the customers that you are targeting and how you are currently engaging with them across all of the channels – including web, social media, events, sponsorship and direct communication.

Having done so, we then analyse how you are performing and where your two-way communication needs to be improved to drive higher levels of customer engagement, retain your customers, influence behaviour change and increase loyalty.

We investigate your current processes for actively listening to your customers via all of your channels and gain a clear understanding of what you do with this information to improve your products/services, customer experiences and loyalty.

The result of this interactive audit is a set of recommendations as to where you need to focus your efforts in order to drive proactive, participative and emotional engagement with your customers.

Customer Engagement Research & Insights

Customer engagement is mutually beneficial, which is why we actively ask your customers how far they would go to deepen their engagement with you – and how far you could go to deepen it with them.

We want to understand how they currently engage with you, and to find out – through their eyes – how you actually engage with them.

We get them to rate your engagement with them against other brands, to get a clear understanding of where you are performing well and where you are underperforming and need to improve.

During this process, we push to get clarity on the ways in which they want you to engage with them and develop clear insights that drive the strategic direction of your improved Customer Engagement Strategy.

Customer Engagement Strategy

We develop Customer Engagement strategies that drive growth for your business by ensuring that you achieve timely engagement, delivered through easily accessible dialogue channels, and opportunities for your customers to provide feedback.

The strategy helps you to deliver consistency of tone across all channels that you use to talk to your customers. We then give you strategic recommendations that you can use to improve customer engagement across multiple activities including sponsorship activation, customer panels, social listening, content – all to drive proactive engagement on both sides – yours and your customers’.

A key part of your Engagement Strategy is a customer trigger-based communication plan, which is directly driven by customer behaviour and ensures that all of your communications are personalised, tailored, relevant and timely.

To maximise our prospects of success, we clarify your Customer Engagement objectives and KPIs and then build a business case for the step change required.

In doing so, we work closely with your Financial and Marketing teams to identify where existing budgets can be reallocated and where new investment is required – then we include the projected ROI as a result of this step change in customer engagement.

Customer Engagement Measurement

Customer Engagement can be accurately measured on a campaign, channel, customer segment or business level – and across a number of proven metrics including NPS, CSS, VOC, Direct Response and Social Listening.

As part of the measurement process, we work with you to analyse, learn, refine and redeploy your customer engagement activities to constantly improve your customer engagement metrics. When combined with your loyalty metrics, this becomes a vital set of metrics for any customer-centric organisation.


We have a significant level of experience in rolling out some of the largest and most complex customer engagement strategies in the Irish market, with multi-million euro budgets.

Customer Engagement Implementation

We provide hands-on, day-to-day implementation support, working with your agencies to manage all of your communications and engagement elements to ensure that they are delivered on time and within budget.

We constantly measure, test and refine your improved customer engagement campaigns to test their impact on your customers’ loyalty.

Strategic Engagement Lead

The strategic directions of your Customer Engagement Strategy must be protected at all times and our presence as Strategic Engagement Lead means that day-to-day issues are not allowed to take precedence over the core strategic thinking that the business has bought into.





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