Chilli Pepper is Ireland’s only dedicated strategic customer loyalty agency, with more than a decade of experience in creating highly strategic customer solutions for a range of Ireland’s best known and most successful brands.

With our help, brands forge closer relationships with their customers by adopting innovative loyalty strategies, improving customer experiences and delivering higher levels of engagement with their customers – all to drive loyalty from their existing customers and achieve commercial results for their business.

Our core capabilities

Customer Loyalty Strategy

Customer Loyalty Strategy

The loyalty landscape is changing by the day, in response to new media, new customer segments and new customer expectations. Against this background, it is more important than ever that a robust strategic framework is in place – driven by solid customer insights – before developing your tactical loyalty solutions.

At Chilli Pepper, we create bespoke loyalty strategies that are specifically designed for your customers, your market sector and your budget. Our loyalty strategies are designed to drive high levels of customer participation – the holy grail of loyalty success – and to deliver the commercial results that your Board will demand.

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Customer Experience Mgmt

Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is the strategic process of seamlessly managing your relationship with your customers across multiple touch points, all to drive higher levels of loyalty from them.  In essence, this translates into providing what your customer wants, delivered when and how they want it.

In practice, the process is much more complex, involving multiple channels, multiple products or services, and multiple touch points, all delivered in a completely integrated way. This is essential if you are to translate your customers into true advocates for your brand – the ultimate test of loyalty.

At Chilli Pepper, we put strategic thinking at the heart of everything we do, and nowhere is this more evident than in helping you to define and refine your customer experiences by developing world class customer journeys and customer experience strategy and then measuring the impact of this on your customers’ loyalty and your company’s bottom line.

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Customer Engagement Mgmt

Customer Engagement Management

Customer Engagement is an ongoing dialogue with your customers – delivered in the way that they want it. The purpose of customer engagement is to build genuine and lasting relationships with customers by creating relevant dialogues with them via original content, social media, web-based interaction and sponsorship activation.

We provide strategic Customer Engagement solutions that span your entire business and integrate all of your various customer communications, to drive better engagement between your customers and your brand.  Once the dialogue is in place, we help you to actively measure the impact that your engagement efforts are having on your customers and your business.

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Customer Insights

Customer Insights

Without genuine customer insights, any customer activity is doomed to failure. We invest hugely in knowing what the customer is thinking, resulting in customer strategies that are based on relevant customer understanding, knowledge, empathy and sound insights.

To achieve this goal, we utilise a mix of workshops, research, analytics and data to ensure that our insights about your customers are completely robust. It is only when we truly know the mindset of the customer that we look to build your customer strategies, guaranteeing maximum levels of engagement, and maximum impact on your bottom line.

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Programme Implementation


The actual execution of customer strategies involves the entire organisation, and depending on the internal resources available to you, we complete the circle by helping you to implement the customer strategies that we have developed for you.

We are experts at turning strategy into action and have the expertise, the experience and the knowledge of all the latest tools on the market that can make your customer strategies soar.

We can help you bring your customer strategies to market in two ways:

  1. Via hands-on, day-to-day implementation where we work side-by-side with your in-house team,
  2. As a Strategic Customer Lead, where we help you stay on strategy and allow you to draw on our wealth of experience to ensure that you avoid some of the major pitfalls and risks whilst generating loyalty from your customers.
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We are always delighted to hear from companies who want to grow their customer value and create genuine customer loyalty. To find out more about how your organisation could work with Chilli Pepper to achieve this, simply click the button below.

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