The loyalty landscape is changing by the day, in response to new media, new customer segments and new customer expectations. Against this background, it is more important than ever that a robust strategic framework is in place – driven by solid customer insights – before developing your tactical loyalty solutions.

strategy first

At Chilli Pepper, we create bespoke loyalty strategies that are specifically designed for your customers, your market sector and your budget. Our loyalty strategies are designed to drive high levels of customer participation – the holy grail of loyalty success – and to deliver the commercial results that your Board demands.


Loyalty Effectiveness Audit

Want to know how your loyalty programme is performing and where it can be improved?

We carry out a detailed audit of your current loyalty programme or loyalty activities using our renowned 7-Point Loyalty Effectiveness Audit.

This spans elements such as KPIs, mechanic analysis, risk and financial exposure, participation analysis, process review, data and customer feedback analysis, but most importantly, we assess the financial impacts of the current performance levels and ROI expectations of your business.

A firm recommendation is produced at the end of this process, which allows you to see where you are performing well in terms of customer loyalty, where you are not, where enhancements can be made, and where your existing loyalty programme can be refreshed to make it work harder for you.

Loyalty Strategy Refresh

Loyalty Strategies need to be seen as an evolving entity. They need to constantly be refreshed in order to ensure that customers still see the value in being a member, urging them to proactively participate.  Without participation, your loyalty programme becomes stale and customers disengage. As a result, a formal process of ‘Loyalty Strategy Refresh’ is paramount to the success of your current and future programmes.

At Chilli Pepper, we have worked with numerous top-ranked brands, helping them to refresh their existing Loyalty Strategies. By following our robust process and rejuvenating your loyalty programme, you will continue to meet your customers’ expectations and realise the levels of commercial success that your business demands.


Customer Loyalty Investigation

Customer loyalty is a business issue rather than simply a marketing issue, so as a result, we conduct extensive one-to-one interviews with key stakeholders within your company to ensure that we choose the optimum customer loyalty solution for you.

We typically involve your senior marketing, financial and executive management team in this process, to ensure that it makes complete commercial and business sense – and to ensure that there is buy-in from the top.

Customer Loyalty Research & Insights

Without genuine customer insights, any customer activity is doomed to failure. We invest hugely in knowing what the customer is thinking, resulting in customer strategies that are based on relevant customer understanding, knowledge, empathy and sound insights.

Using our bespoke Loyalty Levers Models and Loyalty Triggers Wheel, we develop a set of carefully balanced loyalty programmes to test with your customers, to identify exactly what they want from your loyalty programme and your brand.

This helps you to clearly identify what your customers loyalty levers are based on their needs, motivations and loyalty triggers.

We utilise a mix of research, analytics and data to ensure that our insights about your customers are completely robust.

It’s only when we truly know the mind-set of the customer that we look to build your optimum loyalty strategy, guaranteeing maximum levels of participation and maximum impact on your bottom line.

Loyalty Strategy & Commerce Development

At Chilli Pepper, we are strategists first and foremost. We bring an unrivalled level of practical, strategic experience to the table, based on a decade of working with Ireland’s leading B2B and B2C brands.

By taking you on this step-by-step journey from customer insights to the development of your optimum loyalty strategy, you benefit from our experience and our expertise in the area of world class loyalty solutions.

We provide full guidance and advice in respect of which loyalty mechanic your programme should be built on, the technology that will support it and our proprietary ‘Balanced Benefit Scorecard’ ensures that the benefits and rewards that you offer your customers are unique, and meet your specific customer and business requirements.

Building commercially viable loyalty strategies is what we live – and love to do!

Most importantly, all loyalty strategies require a solid business case that can prove that the loyalty investment can be justified by the expected outcomes and benefits.  We therefore develop a comprehensive business case based on projections and return on investment over the life of your loyalty strategy, to assist you in getting buy-in at the very top.

Loyalty Measurement

Any loyalty strategy that we propose must be highly measurable, providing real-time, usable data that can help you refine and improve your loyalty activities on a daily basis.

We advise you on the multiple metrics that you need to track and measure your customer loyalty strategy, including Participation Levels, Net Promoter Scores, Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Satisfaction Scores and other key metrics that you will require in order to measure your return on investment.

The insights that we land on from these various metrics allow you to learn more about your customers, reward them more effectively and with greater relevance – and deliver the ROI that customer loyalty initiatives demand.


Our Loyalty Execution model varies from client to client, depending on what internal or external resources you can allocate to your loyalty strategy.

Loyalty Programme Implementation

We provide hands-on implementation to take your customer loyalty strategy to market.

From the moment we receive business sign-off, we handle all aspects of implementing your loyalty strategy including RFPs, budgets, technology, customer rewards and incentives, creative, data compliance, employee engagement, testing and full rollout.

We provide an exceptional level of expertise in the loyalty implementation field, where we deliver on time and on budget, ensuring maximum results every time.

Strategic Loyalty Lead

Many of our clients ask us to act as their Strategic Loyalty Lead while implementing, launching or running their loyalty programmes.

The benefit is that we help you stay on strategy and allow you to draw on our wealth of experience to ensure that you avoid some of the major pitfalls and risks whilst generating loyalty from your customers.





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