Without genuine customer insights, any customer activity is doomed to failure. We invest hugely in knowing what the customer is thinking, resulting in customer strategies that are based on relevant customer understanding, knowledge, empathy and sound insights.

To achieve this goal, we utilise a mix of workshops, research, analytics and data to ensure that our insights about your customers are completely robust. It is only when we truly know the mindset of the customer that we look to build your customer strategy, guaranteeing maximum levels of engagement and maximum impact on your bottom line.

Customer Insight Workshops

We develop and facilitate Customer Insight Workshops for some of Ireland’s largest brands, to assist them in uncovering genuine customer insights that can be turned into workable propositions.

The workshops are completely bespoke to your organisation and your customer challenge, and are highly interactive whilst still delivering tangible results.

Depending on the size of your team and the challenge at hand, these can range from a single day, stand-alone day, or can be included in your internal strategic planning session.

Customer Research

Working with your research company or our research partner – we run focus groups to uncover customer insight and understanding, geared towards delivering workable, profitable loyalty, experience and engagement strategies.

We also assist you in identifying the most appropriate customer segments, in briefing the research company and in developing the appropriate stimulus.

As part of this process, we typically attend the research groups to uncover our own insights, which we bring into your customer strategies.

Customer Data Analytics

We augment customer research with customer profiling, segmentation, data analytics and engagement modelling. With the insights this provides, we can accurately predict the likely outcomes of the proposed strategies and react with immediate solutions to drive the desired customer behaviour.

This means that your message matches the customer need, delivered through their preferred channel, which results in maximum levels of customer uptake, engagement and loyalty.





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