Customer Experience Management is the strategic process of seamlessly managing your relationship with your customers across multiple touch points, all to drive higher levels of loyalty from them.  In essence, this translates into providing what your customer wants, delivered when and how they want it.

In practice, the process is much more complex, involving multiple channels, multiple products or services, and multiple touch points, all delivered in a completely integrated way. This is essential if you are to translate your customers into true advocates for your brand – the ultimate test of loyalty.

At Chilli Pepper, we put strategic thinking at the heart of everything we do, and nowhere is this more evident than in helping you to define and refine your customer experiences by developing world class customer journeys and customer experience strategy and then measuring the impact of this on your customers’ loyalty and your company’s bottom line.

Customer Journey Mapping

The process starts by carrying out a Cross Functional Customer Experience Workshop, which helps to remove operational silos and allows you to map out logical customer journeys across all of your touch points.

We focus strongly on your core customer segments, their behaviour, their functional and emotional needs, and their motivations. On top of this, we add the customer demands and expectations of each, and identify how you are performing against them.

We then stress test the customer journeys by analysing data across all of your channels and mapping them to each customer touch point – turning the data into customer insights which clearly highlight what is working and what is not.

The output is a detailed and focussed customer journey map which incorporates your business’ aspirations as to where you want your customer journeys to improve, what you need to do to make it happen and the customer insights that have led you to the conclusion.

Customer Experience Research & Insights

Keeping customers at the heart of your improved customer experience is imperative to success, so we stress test the customer journeys with your customers to identify where they see potential areas of improvement.

Gaining true customer understanding and expectations that we can draw insights from means that you will be investing your time, effort and money into the areas that will have the biggest impact on your customers – and your business.

This important step also helps us to distinguish the important from the unimportant from a customer’s point of view, which results in clear direction for your improved Customer Experience Strategy.

Customer Experience Strategy

We develop the optimum Customer Experience (CX) Strategy for your business and your customers.  It will clearly outline the issues, impact, opportunity and enhancements that need to be made, helping you to see where you need to focus your change efforts, to ensure maximum impact.

The CX Strategy captures the detail of the ideal customer journey, along with providing strategic guidelines that enable you to roll out the improved Customer Experience with maximum adherence to its strategic core, while also ensuring that everyone in your organisation clearly understands their role in this complex but critical process.

As a result, we highlight the changes that will be required within your organisation – across all departments – so that you have a clear idea of the level of support that you will require from each business area.

Most notably, we build a business case to support your CX Strategy, highlighting the investment that will be required and the return on investment that your business can expect as a result.

Customer Experience Measurement

We believe that metrics are the key to success in developing effective CX Strategies and that if it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed.

We therefore invest a huge amount of time in delivering built-in measurability for you, so that you can proactively measure the combination of metrics that track your customer experience performance, e.g. Voice of Customer, Net Promoter Scores and Customer Satisfaction Scores.

We then gather the critical insights that are used to refine and evolve your customer experiences to drive higher levels of loyalty from your customers.


The actual execution of Customer Experience Strategies involves the entire organisation, so we help you in two ways – via a hands-on, day-to-day implementation, or as a Strategic Experience Lead.

Customer Experience Implementation

A great customer experience requires engaged employees at every level of the organisation. Leadership can set direction and provide tools and processes, but employees must be on board from the outset.  This is particularly important as you launch your improved customer experience initiatives.  As a result, Chilli Pepper provides hands-on implementation support to help you implement each element of your CX Strategy.

We also provide comprehensive training for your employees, making sure that implementing the enhanced CX Strategy will help you gain your customers’ loyalty throughout the entire customer journey.

Strategic Experience Lead

We can also act as a Strategic Experience Lead, ensuring that all parties involved stay on strategy and never lose sight of your strategic objectives.

In effect, we act as ‘keepers of the flame’ in terms of staying true to the thinking that underpins the overall strategy, ensuring that day-to-day issues are never allowed compromise your overriding Customer Experience vision and strategy.





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