The actual execution of customer strategies involves the entire organisation and depending on the internal resources available to you, we complete the circle by helping you to implement the customer strategies that we have developed for you, ensuring that nothing gets lost in translation between strategy and execution.

We are experts at turning strategy into action and have the expertise, the experience and the knowledge of all the latest tools on the market to make your customer strategies soar.

Our implementation model varies from client to client and we are equally happy to work side-by-side with your Marketing Department, or assist you as a Strategic Customer Lead.


We provide hands-on, day-to-day project management to take your customer strategies to market.

From the moment we receive business sign-off, we handle all aspects of implementing your customer strategies, including RFPs, budgets, technology, customer rewards and incentives, creative, data compliance, employee engagement, testing and full rollout.

We provide an exceptional level of expertise in the implementation field, where we deliver on time and on budget, ensuring maximum results every time.

Strategic Customer Lead

Many of our clients ask us to act as their Strategic Customer Lead while implementing, launching or running their enhanced customer strategies.

Our decade of experience in navigating major customer initiatives is invaluable in this regard and the benefit is that it allows you to draw on our wealth of experience to ensure that you avoid some of the major pitfalls and risks whilst generating loyalty from your customers.

In this instance, we don’t get involved in project management, but work closely with you and your agencies to ensure that all parties stay on strategy. We attend meetings and provide guidance from a strategic and consultative level, but stop short of day-to-day implementation.


We are always delighted to hear from companies who want to grow their customer value and create genuine customer loyalty. To find out more about how your organisation could work with Chilli Pepper to achieve this, simply click the button below.

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