As adults, we’re so used to belonging to a range of Loyalty Programmes that recognise and reward our brand loyalty. Kids Programmes, when done ethically and purposefully, have the power to create brand connections from a very young age, that can lead to creating superfans from a young age.

Loyalty Programmes that are targeted specifically at kids, are designed to engage and reward young consumers for their love of a product or a brand. These Programmes serve as a powerful way to connect, captivating kids (and their parents) attention from an early age, creating memories and fostering a sense of brand loyalty that can endure into adulthood.

Be inspired.

We have searched the globe to bring you three diverse examples of highly impactful Kids Loyalty Programmes. These examples prove the power of Loyalty Programmes when brands commit to:

  1. Creating a Loyalty Programme that is strategically thought through.
  2. Creating a Loyalty Programme that is customer insight-led, by conducting research with the right customer groups during the strategy development phase.
  3. Creating a Loyalty Programme that is legally and ethically sound, and abides to local marketing laws and regulations.

LEGO Insiders Club.

In August 2023, LEGO VIP was rebranded to LEGO Insiders Club, their new and improved Loyalty Programme, that welcomes LEGO’s young fans to join the LEGO community. Once signed up – with a strict parental verification and confirmation process – young members unlock a whole host of incredible benefits, including:

  • Earning points on ALL LEGO purchases, no matter where they originally bought them from, by simply scanning the QR code located on the Instruction Manual within their LEGO sets.
  • Members can boost their points by completing online surveys, visiting LEGO’s Facebook page, and by purchasing sets on or in participating LEGO Stores.
  • Members can then spend their points via the online LEGO Insiders Rewards Center, where they can either choose to redeem their points on a monetary online discount code, or on specific LEGO sets, exclusive online games, and LEGO merchandise.
  • Each quarter, members receive the hugely popular Lego Magazine posted directly to their doors, packed full of comics, building ideas, cool creations, and games. Originally launched in 2002, the magazine has become a collector’s item to Lego’s Super Fans.
  • Members get access to LEGO Masters Academy, where they can learn building skills from LEGO Master Builders; are challenged to complete creative missions, and once complete, they can unlock special trophies.
  • Members can create their own LEGO minifigure avatar online.

LEGO have cleverly created a fun, engaging, and super exciting Loyalty Programme for their young fans – which includes strict parental control and supervision throughout. This ensures that parents feel comfortable with their children participating in a Loyalty Programme that is age-appropriate, they trust, and they know is safe.

At the time of launch, Jason Whiting, Global LEGO Insiders Director said: “At the LEGO Group we believe that play should be rewarded, so our updated Programme makes it easier than ever for people to enjoy all the benefits of being a LEGO fan.”

Emirates Skywards Skysurfers.

Skywards Skysurfers is a Loyalty Programme for young travellers created by Emirates. Parents can register their kids between the ages of 2 and 17 years old, online, and once registered, they can earn Skywards Miles on every Emirates and flydubai flight. Parents can then use the Miles earned to pay for their kids next flight or enjoy unique lifestyle benefits with Emirates worldwide partners.

As kids earn more Miles, they can become Silver and then Gold members, enjoying new levels of privileges as they go up the tiers. Privileges include direct mail communications (which include their own personalised luggage tags), priority and dedicated check-in counters at the airport, extra baggage allowances, access to hundreds on inflight entertainment channels, special inflight meals, and FREE onboard toys.

As parents can simply link their kids Skysurfers account to their own Skywards My Family account, it gives them complete control over their young travellers’ membership and rewards.

Emirates Skywards Skysurfers is an incredible Loyalty Programme that cleverly rewards kids (and their parents) – making every flight as rewarding and stress-free as possible – and that has always been their main goal, with Sheikh Majid Al Mualla, Emirates Divisional Senior Vice President, quoted as saying: “We go to great lengths to entertain and occupy children with products and services that are constantly being updated and enhanced. We know keeping the young ones happy is a key part of ensuring a smooth and enjoyable travelling experience for the whole family, so investment in this area is very important.

Pick n Pay Stikeez Rewards.

Pick n Pay is a large food and clothing retailer, operating over 600 stores in South Africa. The retailer was the first supermarket in Africa to run a national ‘Spend and Get’ Loyalty Programme targeted at kids – which successfully turned into a nationwide craze!

Stikeez – a collection of small plastic toys with an extended ‘sucker foot’ – was the cause of the craze! A kid would earn 1 Stikeez for every R150 their parents spent instore – meaning parents were encouraged by their kids to not only shop at Pick n Pay, but to significantly increase their basket size with each visit.

This Programme was supported by a highly targeted and comprehensive nationwide marketing plan, which included integrated social media, online competitions, and an in-app game.

It achieved incredible results including 40 MILLION Stikeez and merchandise redemptions, 83,242 App downloads, 65 MILLION interactions on Social Media, and a rumoured 12% increase in sales revenue – WOW!

For anyone that has been inspired by the three incredible examples, there are three key considerations when creating your very own Kids Loyalty Programme:

  1. Parental Involvement: Loyalty Programmes targeted at kids should always consider and acknowledge the preferences and needs of the parents and guardians. Not just from a legal standpoint, but from an opportunistic one too – as these Programmes not only directly engage with kids, but also open opportunities to directly influence and engage with their parents – THE adults, ultimately hold the purse-strings and make the final purchasing decisions. It is therefore vital that you unearth parents’ preferences through research ahead of building your Loyalty Programme. The findings from the research should help form your overall Loyalty Programme Strategy, as buy-in from parents IS key to Programme success.
  2. Legal and Ethical Considerations: As to be expected, there are many legal and ethical considerations when it comes to marketing to kids, and these vary from country to county. Many countries have regulations in place to protect young consumers from certain marketing practices, including restrictions on collecting personal information of individuals who are under the age of 18. It is therefore important to investigate your local marketing regulations to ensure that your Loyalty Programme is legally sound.
  3. Data Collection & Insights: As with all Loyalty Programmes, data collection activities are a huge consideration, and should be aligned with global best practices for responsible and sustainable data use. Data collection done right, can provide you with valuable data and insights about your younger consumers; and by tracking their purchasing behaviour and preferences, you can gain a better understanding of what products or services are most appealing to them, allowing you to tailor offerings and marketing strategies to both them and their parents. We therefore recommend that prior to any Loyalty Programme launch, you have the right software and individual(s) in place to safely and securely capture and manage your customer data, in line with your countries data policies and regulations.

Final Thoughts.

Kids Loyalty Programmes offer a unique opportunity for businesses to cultivate customer loyalty from an early age. By providing incentives, promoting desired behaviours, and collecting valuable data, these Programmes not only have the power to increase sales, but also establish a deep connection between young consumers and brands from a very early age.

If you are looking to create your own, it is essential to approach these Programmes ethically and adapt to the evolving needs and interests of young consumers, along with their parents or guardians. When implemented effectively, these Loyalty Programmes can yield long-term benefits for both businesses and the next generation of loyal customers.