Chilli Pepper has been developing and facilitating bespoke workshops for our clients for over 18 years. These strategic workshops support brands in answering key business questions, overcoming difficult internal challenges and even developing new go to market propositions. Each bespoke workshop achieves outstanding outputs, that brands can take away and action immediately.

So, whatever your business challenge may be, from Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention and Loyalty, Proposition Development, Communications Planning to Brand DNA development, we will create and facilitate a bespoke Workshop to help you solve your business challenge.

What are the benefits of a facilitated workshop?

  • All of our workshops are highly engaging and interactive – they are sure to get everyone on their feet.
  • Each and every workshop is tailored specifically for you, your team and your business needs.
  • Enables your team to come together to think, plan, and act strategically.
  • It allows for effective and efficient strategic conversations.
  • It delivers a clear, concise and unified strategic direction.
  • It underpins a common understanding and grounding for strategy development.
  • You gain access to an expert, strategic sounding board with no internal biases.

What are some of the most popular facilitated workshop topics?

  • Loyalty Programme audit and enhancement.
  • Customer Persona Development.
  • Customer Journey Mapping.
  • CX Assessment and enhancement.
  • 5 I’s Propositions Workshop.
  • Brand development or Brand DNA refresh.
  • Growth Strategy Workshop.
  • Customer Loyalty Programme Development.
  • Social Media Communications Plan Development.
  • Annual Communication/Content Planning Workshop.


But don’t just take it from us…

It has truly been our pleasure to work with Chilli Pepper, Leanne and her team bring passion, creativity, and strategic thinking to a whole new level!

 We collaborated with Chilli Pepper to re-imagine our Brand DNA and develop our Strategic Playbook through facilitated workshops. The Chilli Pepper team quickly immersed themselves in our business, understood the complexities of our industry and worked with us, hand-in-hand to deliver a highly impactful, customer-centric brand and growth strategy, that will benefit both our business and customers – for years to come.

The sincerity and commitment from the Chilli Pepper team is second to none!

Head of Sales & Trading, Financial Services Industry.