Many businesses are looking to use the next couple of months to plan their loyalty programmes for the year ahead. This is a great opportunity for you to use our Loyalty Audit Snapshot which you can work through with your teams to accurately assess where your programme is now and how it can be improved.

Simply get your team to answer the following 12 questions to identify any red herrings or possible opportunities to
refresh your programme – even the most successful loyalty programmes need a refresh every now and then.


  1. Do we have a long term Loyalty solution?
  2. Does our Loyalty solution have complete business buy in?
  3. Are our Staff empowered to drive the Loyalty agenda?
  4. Do we accurately measure the impact of our Loyalty solutions on our business?
  5. Do we include the ROI of our Loyalty solution in the board information pack?


  1. Do we know who our high value customer are, and treat them differently?
  2. Do we pro-actively listen to our customer needs and react accordingly?
  3. Do we reward customers when they shift their behaviour?
  4. Do we deliver consistent, personalised, tailored communication across all touch points?


  1. Is our Loyalty solution simple for customers to understand?
  2. Are our rewards innovative and scalable?
  3. Is our Loyalty solution unique and difficult for our competitors to copy?