Comprehensive Customer Relationship Strategy

Driving engagement and loyalty from high net worth customers.

Chilli Pepper works with a premium brand to develop its comprehensive Customer Relationship Strategy, which redefines its brand positioning, integrates customer experience, engagement and rewards for its high net worth customers’ continued loyalty.

An iconic premium brand that counts some of Ireland’s top high net worth individuals as its customers, wanted to recognise and reward them for their loyalty, but needed to ensure it was driven by deep customer understanding and a seamless customer experience.

Although an iconic historical brand with longstanding relationships with its customers, it was losing out to younger brands that were focussing on delivering tailored products, services and engagement to the ‘new’ high net worth customers.

The Challenge: How could it retain its legacy to ensure it did not alienate its existing customers, as well as make its business more relevant to the new high net worth customers?

Its answer was to redefine the way in which it serviced and interacted with its customers across each customer touch-point, to drive deeper engagement, and then develop a tailored approach to recognise and reward customers for their loyalty.

In early 2015, this premium brand approached Chilli Pepper to develop a bespoke Customer Engagement Strategy that would drive increased loyalty from its existing customers, and give new customers a reason to choose it over the competitors.

Chilli Pepper conducted a full review of the brand positioning, the existing customer segments, the customer journey and its customer engagement strategy. This holistic approach ensured that we left nothing to chance when trying to deepen relationships and generate genuine loyalty from these high net worth customers.

We began the process by analysing the brand’s positioning to understand where it saw itself, where its customers saw it and how it benchmarked against global luxury brands. This resulted in a clearly defined new brand positioning, which would assist it in future proofing its brand.

Chilli Pepper redeveloped the brand’s customer segmentation models by integrating market understanding, deep customer insights and high net worth loyalty triggers for luxury brands, and overlaid this with a robust customer lifetime value analysis to understand the value of each customer to the brand.

By mapping out the customer journey and analysing the current engagement solutions, we were able to understand where the market opportunities lay, where the brand was performing better than its competitors and where enhancements needed to be made.

The end result was a comprehensive Customer Relationship Strategy which encompassed the new brand positioning and customer segments, an improved customer experience, better customer engagement and a mixture of tangible, experiential and emotional rewards that matched the needs of these high net worth customers.

Generating loyalty from high net worth customers requires a unique skill set and Chilli Pepper was perfectly poised to not only develop the bespoke Customer Relationship Strategy, but was also able to build a robust Business Case to support this massive step-change for the business, which highlighted the immediate return it would see as a result of implementing the strategy.

As a result, this premium brand walked away with a company-wide Customer Relationship Strategy that helps it redefine loyalty for high net worth customers and has given it the road map to implement a game changing approach to drive loyalty from its customers, whilst influencing the new high net worth customers’ to choose it first.

Chilli Pepper worked with us to develop a comprehensive Customer Relationship Strategy for our high net worth customers, challenged us to think differently, and brought a wealth of premium and luxury strategic loyalty experience to the project.

Chilli Pepper's approach highlighted our need to think more strategically and to address the changing needs of our high net worth customers. Through a structured, strategic approach, Chilli Pepper drove new and insightful ways of viewing these customers, created a tiered relationship approach and a clear investment case.

I recommend Chilli Pepper to any company who needs to develop effective Customer Relationship Strategies for high net worth customer, and to drive improved bottom line financial and customer performance results.

Head of Customer Strategy.

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